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Taller romano
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Taller romano


140 - 150. White marble, 202 x 110 cm.

This is a Roman copy of Polyclitus´s Diadumenos (ca. 420 B.C.). Polyclitus of Argos (active ca. 460-420 B.C.) was quite far along in his career when he conceived this figure —probably Apollo— tying a ribbon ("diadoumenos") around his temples as a symbol of victory. At that time, his idea of a canon of ideal proportions had been enriched by his experience of Athenian art, as can clearly be seen in his taste for the profile and his plastic development of the hair. This is one of the best-conserved copies. It was restored in the seventeenth-century, with the right arm in the wrong position, as it should properly be bent upwards, like the left arm. Like most of the sculptures in the Prado Museum, it belonged to the collection of Christina of Sweden.

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Technical data

Inventory number
Taller romano
140 - 150
White marble
High/Height: 202 cm.; Width: 110 cm.; Base/bottom: 70 cm.; Weight: 443 Kg.
Colección Real (Col. Cristina de Suecia; Col. Livio Odescalchi; Col. Isabel Farnesio; Palacio de La Granja de San Ildefonso, Felipe V).

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Other inventories +

Inv. Real Museo, Escultura, 1857. Núm. 387.
387. Una estatua de marmol de Carrara que representa a Meleagro. / Alto 7 pies, 2 pulg.

Exhibitions +

Dioses transfigurados - Escultura clásica del Museo del Prado en Dresde
20.05.2009 - 27.09.2009

Among Gods and Men
04.11.2008 - 12.04.2009

Location +

Room 073 (On Display)

Update date: 15-12-2015 | Registry created on 28-04-2015

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