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Egyptian Priest
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Egyptian Priest

130 - 140. Grey marble. Room 110

This statue and its pair (E00414) were found in the area of the Egyptian sanctuaries at Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli, near Rome. Cardinal Camillo Massimo (1620-1677), their first owner following their rediscovery, had them reconstructed from fragments of various sculptures. This figure holds a whip, which is an attribute of Egyptian priests. The two sculptures probably decorated an artificial grotto used for grand nocturnal banquets.

Technical data

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Egyptian Priest
Pencil on paper, Mid-XVIIIcentury
Inventory number
Egyptian Priest
130 - 140
Grey marble
Height: 165 cm.; Width: 50 cm.; Base/bottom: 40 cm.; Weight: 244.2 Kg.
Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli; Collection of Cardinal Camillo Massimo; Collection of Casa de Alba; Royal Collection

Bibliography +

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Inscriptions +

Cross of Burgundy or Cross of Saint Andrew, collection’s mark belonging to Felipe V. Base


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Location +

Room 110 (On Display)

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