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Pharaoh (?)
Roman Sculptor
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Roman Sculptor

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Pharaoh (?)

130 - 140. Basalt, Marble.
Galería Jónica Planta Principal Norte

It is not certain that this figure depicts a pharaoh as the head is a later addition, and its only attribute is a small animal beneath the left foot. This image and its pair (E00415) are executed in an Egyptian-Roman style: the elegant, slender proportions and polished surfaces recall Egyptian works of the 4th century BC, while the soft forms of the bodies visible beneath the light clothing are similar to those found in sculptures of the late Hadrianic period. This statue and its pair were found in the area of the Egyptian sanctuaries at Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli, near Rome. Cardinal Camillo Massimo (1620-1677), their first owner following their rediscovery, had them reconstructed from fragments of various sculptures.


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Roman Sculptor
Pharaoh (?)
130 - 140
Basalt; Marble
Height: 170 cm; Width: 46 cm; Base/bottom: 44.5 cm; Weight: 200.2 Kg
Hadrian’s Villa in Tivoli; Collection of Cardinal Camillo Massimo (Massimi), Rome; Colección VII marqués del Carpio, Rome, 1676-1682; Collection of Casa de Alba, Madrid; Royal Collection (Collection of Felipe V, 1728; Palacio de La Granja de San Ildefonso, Segovia, 1746; Palacio de Aranjuez, 1790)

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Exhibitions +

Bernini, Velázquez, Luca Giordano. Le Corti del Barocco - Cortes del Barroco
12.02.2004 - 02.05.2004

El Real Sitio de La Granja de San Ildefonso. retrato y escena del rey
La Granja
15.06.2000 - 15.10.2000

Location +

Galería Jónica Planta Principal Norte (On Display)

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