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Caracalla or Geta
Roman Sculptor; Taller italiano
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Roman Sculptor
Taller italiano

Caracalla or Geta

205 - 209. White marble.
Galería Jónica Planta Baja Norte

Caracalla and Geta, sons of the Emperor Septimus Severus, were elected consuls in 205 AD and over the following years were depicted as twins. Their very short hairstyle, which reflected military fashion, was subsequently adopted by almost all the emperors of the period of Military Anarchy (3rd century AD). Caracalla murdered his brother in 211 AD and only outlived him for a few years.

205-209 AD (head) and 17th century (bust). White marble (head) and alabastro fiorito (bust)


Technical data

Inventory number
Roman Sculptor; Taller italiano
Caracalla or Geta
205 - 209; XVII century
White marble
Height: 88 cm; Width: 67 cm; Base/bottom: 33 cm; Weight: 102.4 Kg
Collection of Christina of Sweden; Collection of Livio Odescalchi; Royal Collection (Felipe V's collection, Palacio de La Granja de San Ildefonso, Segovia)

Bibliography +

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Other inventories +

Inv. Real Museo, 1857. Núm. 391.
391. Un busto con la cabeza de marmol de Carrara, ropage y base de marmol de Italia de colores, con un / mascaron en el pecho que representa a caracalla. / Alto el todo 3 pies, 1 pulg.

Inscriptions +

Cross of Burgundy or Cross of Saint Andrew, collection’s mark belonging to Felipe V. On the body

Inscribed in black. Plinth

Location +

Galería Jónica Planta Baja Norte (On Display)

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