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Philip IV
Velázquez, Diego Rodríguez de Silva y
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Velázquez, Diego Rodríguez de Silva y

Sevilla (Spain), 1599 - Madrid (Spain), 1660

Velázquez, Diego Rodríguez de Silva y See author's file

Philip IV

Ca. 1653. Oil on canvas.
Room 012

This image can be identified as that of a king and as a portrait of Philip IV on the basis of others of the monarch. In fact, nothing about the clothes or the sitter`s actions suggests his royal status except the easily recognisable physical features of the Habsburg dynasty, in particular the prominent chin.

This portrait and the one who is in the National Gallery gave rise to a large number of versions and became the official image of Philip during the last part of his reign. Paradoxically, despite the King`s declared reluctance to seeing himself growing old, they have given rise to the largest group of portraits of him to have survived. In these works the Spanish court portrait regains some of the characteristics that defined it when Velázquez first arrived at court in 1623. Such works have a narrow chromatic range and an emphasis on blacks and greys, while all the elements in the composition function to focus the viewer`s attention on the face. Thirty years before, that sobriety had involved a political element, as it reflected the reformist intentions of the new monarch and his court. By the mid-1650s the King`s image had been stripped of earthly messages and had become sacralised; in fact the version in the Prado strongly suggests a vera effigies and indicates the extent to which the King`s face had become universally recognisable.

Knowledge of the older Philip`s face was not only disseminated through these paintings but also through prints based on them that illustrated a number of books in the 1650s and 1660s, many relating to the court. The prints help us to date these two works. Thus, the Prado version was used as the basis for Pedro de Villafranca`s (ca. 1615-1684) engraving for the front cover of Regla y establicimiento de la orden de Santiago published in 1655, which allows us to date the painting between the second half of 1653 and that year.

While very similar, the Madrid and London portraits are sufficiently unalike to be considered independent works produced at different moments in Velázquez`s career. These differences relate to the sitter`s age, the composition and even the quality. The earlier of the two is the version in the Prado, as Philip`s slightly more youthful features suggest. It is also the better painted and can be considered one of the artist`s greatest portraits (Text from Portús, J.: Velázquez. Las Meninas and the Late Royal Portraits, Museo Nacional del Prado, 2013, p. 102).


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Inventory number
Velázquez, Diego Rodríguez de Silva y
Philip IV
Ca. 1653
Height: 69.3 cm; Width: 56.5 cm
Royal Collection (Collection of Phillip V, Quinta del duque del Arco, El Pardo-Madrid, Sixth Room which serves as a Cabinet ("pieza sexta que sirve de gabinete"), 1745, no. 105(?); Quinta del duque del Arco, Sixth Room of the Cabinet ("pieza sexta del gabinete"), 1794, no. 121; Real Academia de Bellas Artes de San Fernando, Madrid, 1816-1827).

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Other inventories +

Inv. Felipe V, Quinta duque del Arco, 1745. Núm. [¿105?].
Sexta Pieza que sirue de Gavinete [...] [94-112] Diez y nueve cauezas de hombres, y mugeres de media vara de alto, y poco menos de ancho algo desiguales, sus marcos dorados

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Inscriptions +

Inscribed in yellow. Front, lower right corner

Inscribed in yellow. Front, lower right corner

Inscribed in orange. Front, lower left corner

Exhibitions +

Picasso. Los cuadernos
18.12.2020 - 04.04.2021

06.06.2020 - 25.07.2021

Museo del Prado 1819-2019
20.11.2018 - 10.03.2019

Splendor, Myth and Vision: Nudes from the Prado
Williamstown MA
12.06.2016 - 10.10.2016

25.03.2015 - 13.07.2015

Bernini's Souls. Art in Rome for the Spanish Court
06.11.2014 - 08.02.2015

Velázquez and the Family of Philip IV
08.10.2013 - 09.02.2014

El Prado en el Hermitage
San Petersburgo
25.02.2011 - 29.05.2011

Las Meninas en la obra de artistas contemporáneos chilenos
Santiago de Chile
01.10.2008 - 16.11.2008

De Tiziano a Goya. Obras maestras del Museo del Prado
14.07.2006 - 15.10.2006

De Tiziano a Goya. Obras maestras del Museo del Prado
24.03.2006 - 02.07.2006

The Spanish Portrait: From El Greco to Picasso
20.10.2004 - 06.02.2005

Bernini, Velázquez, Luca Giordano. Le Corti del Barocco - Cortes del Barroco
15.10.2003 - 15.01.2004

Carlos V entre dos mundos culturales. De las tres culturas de la España medieval al Siglo de Oro
México D.F.
03.11.2000 - 28.02.2001

Velázquez, Rubens, Claudio de Lorena y la pintura en la corte de Felipe IV
07.10.1999 - 23.01.2000

23.01.1990 - 31.03.1990

Location +

Room 012 (On Display)

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