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Queen Mariana of Austria
Velázquez, Diego Rodríguez de Silva y
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Velázquez, Diego Rodríguez de Silva y

Sevilla, 1599 - Madrid, 1660

Miniatura autor

Queen Mariana of Austria

1652 - 1653. Oil on canvas, 234.2 x 132 cm.

Mariana of Austria (1634-1696) was the daughter of the Emperor Ferdinand III and María of Hungary. It was intended that she marry her cousin, Prince Baltasar Carlos, but following his death she married Philip IV in 1649. Velázquez executed this portrait after his return from Italy. The elaborate clothing, chair and curtain emphasise the sitter`s rank while the table clock alludes to the virtue of prudence, befitting a queen. The strip at the top of the painting was added by another hand.

There are three versions of that work, including the one in Vienna, in addition to variants in which the Queen is depicted half-length or three-quarter length making this the model for the official image of Mariana during the early years of her reign. The principal changes (in examples where there are any) relate to the hairstyle, the neck and the jewels, but the type of dress and the main elements in the composition remain the same in all the versions, with the Queen extending her right arm towards a chair back while in her left hand she holds a handkerchief. In every case, the clock on the table in the rear is also retained. While all these versions have common stylistic traits and all place more emphasis on colour than line, they vary considerably in quality. It is likely that the fact that the model was repeated indicates that the Queen was happy with it; however, it probably also relates to the fact that by this date Velázquez was a more than slightly reluctant painter and one who for three decades had been accustomed to fulfilling many of his obligations as a court portraitist through a studio system. This explains why most of the portraits of Mariana and Philip IV of this period are of a serial type.

Among the three full-length versions the best is the one in the Museo del Prado. A technical examination has revealed various changes that allow us to learn more about the painter`s creative processes. The portrait marks a high point in the evolution of the artist`s work as a court portraitist. With regard to the colour, the portrait of Mariana is one of the most varied that Velázquez had produced and one of the works in which he best revealed his ability to harmonise very different tones, combining blacks, greys, silvers and reds. The latter, which are extremely varied, are concentrated on the side table, curtain and upholstery of the chair, while they also appear in the Queen`s hair adornments and at her wrists. Their bright, lively quality makes them essential for the overall organisation of the painting. While this canvas is structured using a very free brushstroke, the general effect is of great chromatic density, the most important precedent for which is the Portrait of Innocent X (Text from Portús, J.: Velázquez. Las Meninas and the Late Royal Portraits, Museo Nacional del Prado, 2013, pp. 108-110).


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Inventory number
Velázquez, Diego Rodríguez de Silva y
Queen Mariana of Austria
1652 - 1653
High/Height: 234.2 cm.; Width: 132 cm.
Royal Collection (Real Monasterio de San Lorenzo, El Escorial-Madrid, 1667-1845).

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Other inventories +

Inv. Real Museo, 1857. Núm. 2938.
2938. Retrato de cuerpo entero de dª Maria Ana de Austria. Velazquez. / vestida de negro, la mano derecha apoyada en un sillon, y en la izquierda un pañuelo blanco. / Alto 8 pies, 3 pulg; ancho 4 pies, 8 pulg.

Catálogo Museo del Prado, 1872-1907. Núm. 1079.

Catálogo Museo del Prado, 1910. Núm. 1191.

Catálogo Museo del Prado, 1942-1996. Núm. 1191.

Exhibitions +

Velázquez and the Family of Philip IV
08.10.2013 - 09.02.2014

El Prado en el Hermitage
San Petersburgo
25.02.2011 - 29.05.2011

De Velázquez a Picasso: Estudio sobre Las Meninas
15.05.2008 - 28.09.2008

18.10.2006 - 21.01.2007

The Spanish Portrait: From El Greco to Picasso
20.10.2004 - 06.02.2005

Bernini, Velázquez, Luca Giordano. Le Corti del Barocco - Cortes del Barroco
12.02.2004 - 02.05.2004

Bernini, Velázquez, Luca Giordano. Le Corti del Barocco - Cortes del Barroco
15.10.2003 - 15.01.2004

23.01.1990 - 31.03.1990

Nueva York NY
28.09.1989 - 07.01.1990

Obras maestras de la Pintura Española: del Siglo de Oro a Goya
14.06.1989 - 24.09.1989

Location +

Room 012 (On Display)

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