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Wild merchants
Goya y Lucientes, Francisco de
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Goya y Lucientes, Francisco de

Fuendetodos, Zaragoza (Spain), 1746 - Bordeaux (France), 1828

Goya y Lucientes, Francisco de See author's file

Wild merchants

1796 - 1797. Pencil, Iron gall ink, Black chalk lines on laid paper. Not on display

This preparatory drawing for the etching Capricho 11, Lads Making Ready (G02099 / G00644) is part of The Dreams, a series of twenty-six pen-and-ink drawings that serve as the basis for the Caprichos. Headed by Dream 1. The Author Dreaming, which became number 43 in the definitive and expanded Caprichos. The subject matter was common in that period in compositions employed by Enlightenment critics. The print and drawing have different but similar compositional schemes. As usual, Goya reduced the number of characters from five to three, simplifying the composition in a way that resembles his tapestry cartoon from 1870, The Tobacco Guards. Following that line, it has been suggested that the figures might represent Andalusian smugglers, as contraband tobacco was widely consumed in order to avoid taxes imposed by the royal monopoly on that material. Both the drawing and the print are faithful reflections of social criticism, and the version at the Biblioteca Nacional describes those characters’ lifestyle: Smugglers awaiting passers by near a road are hardly distinguishable from thieves. The Museo del Prado has two print from the first edition of Capricho 11, while a preliminary brush-and-ink drawing from Album B, 88 is part of the collection of the Hispanic Society of America in New York (237 x 147 mm, 1794-95, No GW 446/ G I 91). The Proutè Collection in Paris has a state proof from before the additional aquatint (269 x 202 mm, No. H 46.I.2), and another state proof from before the additional aquatint was burnished is at the Bibliothèque Nationale in Paris (263 x 169 mm, No A 5245). Finally, Calcografía Nacional in Madrid has a steel-plated copper plate from the same series (219 x 154 mm, 431.63 g. No. 3437). As to observations: The mark of the plate is visible on the drawing as a result of its tracing on the copper plate (218 x 152 mm), as are 26-27 mm vertical laid lines (Text from: Matilla, J.M.: Goya. Del Sueño al Capricho. Génesis de una serie de estampas, Madrid: Museo del Prado, 1999).


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Inventory number
Goya y Lucientes, Francisco de
Wild merchants
1796 - 1797
Pencil; Iron gall ink; Black chalk lines
Laid paper
Height: 234 mm.; Width: 163 mm.
Caprichos [dibujo]. Serie Los Sueños, 11, 28
Javier Goya, Madrid, 1828; Mariano Goya, Madrid, 1854; Valentín Carderera, Madrid, c. 1861; Mariano Carderera, Madrid, 1880; Museo del Prado, 12.11.1886.

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Other inventories +

Colección Dibujos Goya (Numeración Sánchez Catón). Núm. 19.

Catálogo Goya, Pierre Gassier y Juliet Wilson. Núm. 473.

Catálogo Gassier, 1975. Núm. II 59.

Inscriptions +

Inscribed. Front, upper central area

Inscribed. Front, lower left corner

Los Mercaderes Silbestres
Inscribed. Front, lower central area


Exhibitions +

Ligereza y atrevimiento. Dibujos de Goya
22.06.2017 - 30.09.2017

Permanencia en la memoria . Cartones para tapices y dibujos de Goya
14.02.1997 - 06.04.1997

Goya: la década de los Caprichos
26.10.1992 - 10.01.1993

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