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Master of the Prado Redemption

The term, Master of the Prado Redemption, is a conventional way of designating an unknown artist whose works share an identifiable style. Here, it is used to designate an anonymous painter clearly influenced by Roger van der Weyden, whose main work is known as the Museo del Prado's Redemption Triptych. Active around the second third of the 15th century, this artist has traditionally been identified with Vrancke Van der Stockt. However, the fact that not a single work can be attributed with certainty to him makes that identification untenable today, especially as there is no documentation indicating that he actually painted any of pieces once attributed to him.
The works attributed to the Master of the Prado Redemption are visibly indebted to Roger van der Weyden, although their motives generally lack the solemnity and grandeur of that master's paintings. Indeed, this unknown artist's figures sometimes appear rather affected when compared to the elegance and power of Van der Weyden's. Still, they display certain stylistic and iconographic traits that reveal an independent artistic personality (Fransen, B. in: E.M.N.P., 2006, vol. VI, pp. 2038-2039).

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